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Stingo CRM is one of the highly advanced Customer Relationship Management Software which keeps the track logs of the leads including drag and drop navigation, GPS enabled field entity momentum, maintain call history and recording features, easy to use interface for pipelines, sales probability and permutation of analytics. Also, it holds rapid marketing system including short messages and emailing on single go along with interactive IVR system and Complaint platform. As an extension to its powerful automation inception, Stingo CRM comes with strong base of pricing and bill generation module. Stingo is your one stop solution for managing customer relationships and enhancing business activity!

Stingo CRM is one complete solution that customs and consolidates the canopy of building tools to manage and execute your business and assists you in achieving your business objectives.

1. Top CRM vendors like Sales force, Oracle, and SAP, have been making improvements in key CRM functionalities. Each have AI capabilities, and with the ability to improve conversion rates, boost sales, gather pertinent data, and improve customer satisfaction. How Stingo is placed in this market?

Indeed these key players are highly advanced but Stingo CRM cares for its users a little extra! In our new version we have introduced serval features including AI-enabled applications and Complete Payment Collection. Also, we managed to integrate the payment collection application with real-time GPS connectivity for the field boys. Also, we are quite sound in managing users than these key players. Stingo enables enhancing the optimum service from beside and beyond!

2. Standing out from the crowd is not a simple task. Elaborate on your distinguished CRM services and which among them do you consider as your flagship offering that distinguishes Stingo from its competitors?

Stingo amplifies the frequency of communication with customers/clients and allows multiple terms of transactions/business through various CRM tools. It covers the aspects of scheming and carving new leads and subsequently directs them towards the complete procedure without any hurdle. We thrive on evolving innovative ways to create hassle free business for you and your customers.We simply elevate everyday tasks, simplify the complex processes, neutralize your stress in running business, save your time and ultimately, automate different levels of tasks.

3. What kind of products and solutions does Stingo offers to clients which enable them strategic transformation, boost their revenue and give an edge over competition?

Stingo streamlines the manifesto of CRM in the emerging business world. From approximate universal to conventional and customized CRM, we offer Pricing and Quotations, Lead and Management Systems, After Sales Management, GST Calculation, Readymade CRM including CallDialers, IVR Systems, Inbound/Outbound Calling System and Bulk E-mails/SMS Systems.Stingo carefully codes and designs the software in accordance of your business objectives and perspectives. Thereof, Stingo attributes their progress through figures and reports on periodical basis to boost their revenue and gives them an opportunity to scale their growth in market.

4. Which industry segment has Stingo been focusing on with regards to their mobile CRM services demands? How has the demand and supply grown over the years for Stingo?

With this new version of Stingo, we have become more mobile-friendly at anytime and anywhere over the entire globe. We are inclined towards multangular development of industries dealing in different sectors including Real Estate, IT and BPO, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing, Tour and Travels, Education, e-Commerce, NGOs, Food & Hospitality, Automative, Communications, Manufacturing and many more. We are platform independent CRM to meet the need of every kind of business. Stingo CRM is versatile and adroit in pushing your organization towards growth. Through improved customer retention, many industries who dealt with our CRM were able to generate revenue up to 40% more than their annual profits leading to increase demands, supplies and referrals.

5. What are the pain-points that your customers come up to you with? How do you help them through these challenges?

Mainly the clients wanted a centralized system, transparent customer interactions, proficient profiling and inbuilt transactions. The current hurdle for business were improper IVR and no authentic payment collection by field units. We engraved customised and readymade CRMs to meet their former problems. We created tools to pave transactions efficiently and to right ends. Also, we designed precise IVR system and availed payment through GPS connectivity by field entities.

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