About Us

Stingo Sales is a Business Growing Product

Stingo Sales is managed and owned by Delvetech Software Pvt. Ltd, chief name in the King of IT Service, Software, Cloud Services, IoT, Big Data and Solutions. Supported by an unbeatable experience and deftness, Delvetech has engraved its indelible name in New Delhi, India since 2010. Our execution team comprises of people with strong product development expertise & execution skills and they have more than 10 years of experience.

Why We Do It

We are building a next-generation Sales CRM—one that works with the entrepreneurial personality of sales professionals to help them do their jobs more productively and more effectively. We want to help sales team close more deals and we have developed a new era of Sales CRM that makes it easier for them to do that.

Designed by sales professionals for sales team, Stingosales CRM helps close the gap between the transparency requirements of day-to-day operational needs of sales professionals. They see the evidence that using the system is improving their worklife by saving them time and focusing them on activities that get them closer toturning opportunities into closed deals.

Today, Stingo Sales CRM is proving its value to Thousands of users.

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