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As per new study, India software-as-a-service, SaaS industry could reach $1 trillion in value and create nearly half million new jobs by 2030 around the world accelerate digitization and automation.

There are more than a thousand funded startups and 10 unicorns in the country SaaS sector, generating as much as $3 billion in annual subscription revenues and number of unicorns could increase 10-fold by 2030, reaching $1 trillion in value, they predicted by SaaSBoomi, a community of industry founders and builders, alongside consultancy McKinsey & Co and the country software industry trade group, Nasscom.
Stingo is built to serve you with convenience and utility. The software, Stingo, is packed with all your requirements to efficiently manage your work. This software is based on SAAS (Software as a Service) and hence, it is more of a service to you than being software.
Work from Home is a mix of comfort and chaos. While one works in the comfort of their homes, there is no hustle to reach the office on time. But, certainly, since work from home has been introduced to us as a novice concept at the beginning of this year, we are beginners at it. There are some resistances due to it, especially at the management and co-ordination end.
To provide an effective solution to this issue, we have brought to you, Stingo saas based software. It eases your work from home. It has everything in it which makes it worthy to be called a complete Work from home solution toolkit.
The emergence of Stingo
The Covid-19 pandemic shook the world. The unforeseen circumstances lead the world to a situation where everything got shut down. Amid the corona virus, the corporate world resorted to work from home.
Work from home came with a lot of challenges. People had to find new platforms to move forward with the handling of projects, organizing meetings, co-coordinating with each other et cetera. Hence, there emerged many platforms to assist.
Stingo came forward with its easy module to help people work with convenience and speed at the same time. It served multifarious purposes establishing itself as one in all software with everything you need.

It is here to stay
Undoubtedly, we welcomed work from home only when the pandemic arrived. But, there is not any time soon that the work from home is going to leave. It is going to stay for a long time and maybe, forever. Big names like TCS have rolled out work from home for their employees till 2025. Many startups and other companies are also looking over the saas as a potential alternative option to avail of its services.
In such a scenario, it is indeed the need of the hour to launch an easy, cost-efficient, adept, and multi-tasking work from home SAAS based software, Stingo.
Let us look at some of the features which make Stingo one of the best saas software.
A Pocket-Friendly Solution
One of the most important features of Stingo that makes it stand out from other work from the software is its cost-efficiency. Saas should not come to you as an extra expense. Stingo cuts out the necessary expenses of having a desktop or laptop with you. It avails an app which can be installed on your phone for your utmost convenience.

Leads and Sales CRM
The Leads and Sales CRM feature is configured with the most prominent features. It provides all the services of a brilliant CRM without any complex procedure. It lets you achieve your targets with its clear view system of Sales Target Module.
It also provides you with one of the best lead management feature to put them all together and have a better analysis. The sales reports characteristic of the CRM will lead you to have a better analysis of your sales.
The customizable approach of the software will yield you to adjust the Lead and Sales CRM as per your necessity.

IVR and Calling Facilities
One of the most efficient and attractive features of Stingo software is its IVR and calling facilities. IVR lets you create an automated response to make sure that you do not miss anything important. Characteristics like Call recording, Voicemail, and SMS acknowledgement make your workflow rather efficient.
It can also be helpful for a positive impression of your company with its welcome message and customized sender ID features.
The service feature of the software allows you to have a better system of complaints and their management while working from home. It has some advanced features as well.
It not only lets one add a new complaint but also lets you register it with the complaint number automatically and receive a message. It lets you close the complaints as soon as they are resolved and check the status on your dashboard.
It also creates a complaint history of every user. The total complaint statistics are also created to further help the user to manage complaints efficiently.
This feature provides an edge to this work from home software- Stingo. It is a marketing analysis tool that lets every user boost their sales with a better display output of any change in numbers.
You can optimize your campaign as it lets you have a look at the increase of leads. You can take better decisions as it gives you a better understanding of your position.
You can conveniently monitor the growth in sales or operational decrease to give your software an easy flow. With the marketing feature of Stingo software, you can send bulk messages to clients. It makes your work more organized, more informed, easier, and swifter.
As said earlier, the most affected work due to the corona virus crisis was management. It became crucial for employees to manage their work and coordinate between the team members over a project.
Hence, we brought to you the project management feature with Stingo. It makes project management easy. Some of its most productive features include the customizable view, timesheet approval et cetera.
It lets you create a project with your team members. You can view in it that what activities are allotted to individuals. Moreover, you can also check the status of the work if it is completed. With the availability of options like timesheet and reminder, it lets you complete the project on time. It manages the tasks efficiently to benefit you with a better workflow.
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With all the above-stated qualities, there is more to unfold as you start using this work from home software, Stingo.


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