Why Need of Manufacturer and Trading CRM software in India

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Manufacturer and Traders CRM Software India

CRM software is a boon for the manufacturer and trading business. Manufacturers and trading companies face a lot of complexities in their day-to-day transactions.CRM solutions provide an easy and effective way to solve their day-to-day financial transaction in an easy and fast manner.

Need of Manufacturer and Trading CRM software in India

Manufacturers and trading companies are mainly involved in business across the globe and have more than one working unit across the nation. They order bulk quantity product orders from one country and transport them to other countries. This type of transaction has a very marginal profit and it required a fully automated process to complete the task in a fast and easy manner. Trading and manufacturer CRM solve the issues by automating all the tasks and helping in various other business operations like warehouse management and inventory management in an easy manner.

Why manufacturing companies implement CRM?

CRM provides an easy and effective way to solve business complexities in a fast and easy manner which enhances the customer relationship and quality tracking.
Manufacturer CRM helps to maintain the daily effective and complex business process in a fast manner which involves the features.

* Product Management
* Pre-order sales history
* Reorder booking
* Stock management, etc.

Trading and Manufacturer CRM India

Benefits of using Stingo Trading and Manufacturer CRM

Quotation Management - With Stingo CRM you can easily manage the quotation finalized based on a recent transaction and send quotation online in a fast manner.

Product Management - You can do the product management in just simple clicks which involves tasks like product replacement, updated records for the supplier and manufacturer based on the transaction history.

Sales Order Management - This process involves the task like sales quotation preparation, shipping details management .tax management, etc.

Invoice Generation - Based on the final quotation, an Invoice can be generated for the client in a fast and easy manner.

Dispatch management - It involves tasks like delivery appointment schedules, easy support staff communications.

Report Management - Report management task involves modules like daily, weekly, monthly, yearly report generation for various modules like sales, dispatch, product management, etc.

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