What is Helpdesk Support Ticketing Software?

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What is HelpDesk Ticketing Software?

Helpdesk ticketing software is a software tool which helps to manage the query of customers and help them getting the best solution for their query in a fast and easy manner. Proper ticketing system has the ability to co-ordinate with multiple departments in an organization and provides a streamlined process to solve the single or multiple query of the person in a speedy manner.
Help desk software act as a mediator between the customer and the support department to categorize the query according to department. So the main focus of Health test management ticketing software is to provide the best customer interaction by solving their query in fast manner.

Importance of using and ticketing management software in your organization

1. Faster Query Solve - Customer at the other end want only their solution and do not want to know what is going in an organization so with a proper help desk management ticketing software it is possible to solve the customer problem in a very fast manner.

2. Omni channel Strategy helps increase the customer satisfaction - Customer always want to communicate with the support team through their preferred mode of communication whether it's mail, phone or whatsapp, so with ticket management software it is possible to connect with customer with their preferred modes of communication which increase customers satisfaction.

3. Customer in the query loop- Customer want to know the improvement on their query so with the help of ticket management software it is possible to put the customer of all the query solving mails between different departments in an organization.

4. Improve your agent productivity . Helps to increase the agent productivity as agent don't have to create any ticket manually. The entire task are automated and ticket can be created in a minutes.

5. Ensures Streamlined Process - Ticket management system ensures streamlined process whether its ticket creation, query at every point ticket management system provided streamline process to solve the query.

Ticketing Software Provider in India - Stingo CRM

Customer Satisfaction is the key foundation which can only be resolved with the help of a effective helpdesk management software. Stingo CRM helps desk ticketing management software in India solve the query of the customer in a very delightful manner. The main features of Stingo CRM ticketing management software are

1. Ticket Priority:

Ticket can be set on the priority and with the direct reporting to the team manager.

2. CRM Integration:

Our ticketing management software can be easily integrated with all the major CRM software providers in the market

3. Timeline Setting:

With the Turn around Time Settings it is possible for the agent to solve the query as per the set priority.

4. Escalated Cases Query:

In escalation cases, If one of the agent is not able to solve the query then the query get routed to the second agent without any further delays.

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