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Your lead, your rules

The advanced Rule Based Dialing helps users to go beyond standard predictive algorithm and create their own algorithms for dialing based on region, demography or simple rules like LIFO (Last In First Out) or FIFO (First In First Out) which can be used as per the business needs.

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    Skill based dialing

    The skill based predictive dialing helps customers to optimize the utilization of the agents on the floor and hands over relevant leads to the specific agents. Multiple skills can be set for a Tele-Caller for outbound predictive dialer mode. Skills can be language, product expertise, etc. The skill matrix will have the skill details of agents so that when a call is connected then it is routed to the right skilled agent on the floor.


    Easy interface

    The Stingo Predictive Dialer is not only adaptive but easy to use as well, with very simple configuration steps and an intuitive web based user interfaces for the administrator. The integrations with other Stingo offerings ensure that all the calls made are available throughout the customer’s journey.


    Bulk re-churning

    The calls that were not successfully connected by the dialer are automatically dialled back based on the rules set by the administrator. This enables to reschedule the calls after a given interval and re-churn the leads. Make the most of your lead list.


    Call backs

    Stingo Dialer implements strict algorithm for call back so that the call is connected to the same agent who the customer spoke with the first time. The call back rules can be based on standard switch level disposition as well as customized disposition as set by the dialer administrator.


    Call blending

    Call blending is possible with the Predictive Dialer. This means the same agent can take predictive/progressive/preview/


    Recording & Monitoring

    Stingo Dialer automatically records and stores all the calls made, so you can evaluate them for training and reporting purposes.


    Report generation

    The Stingo Dialer is capable of generating more than 50 types of reports apart from the endless customisation options. Administrator can also set tiered access to the reports. When the call gets disconnected, the report can indicate from which end the call was disconnected!.